writing poems is hard. It’s taking some time. 

I used to write poems back to back when I was 12. Most of them were about dumb stuff but still creative with my wording and the fact I could write okay poems without actually rhyming stuff. I knew my shiz. I had imagination.

but now..sheesh.

*Old man comes up to me in church* 

Hah, aren’t ya glad to be back here with the Ebola happening over in Africa?”

*Me kindly but blunt*

Uh, well actually no I’d rather be over there.”

-end of conversation-

I’ve struggled with adjusting to alot after coming back home last year only after two months of being so deep in another culture. I stopped being active in my church for several months and as of a month ago I’ve been trying to attend every other sunday. Still trying to stay open minded about other’s perspectives..but this bummed me out.